Framework, pt. 1

by Adrian and the Spadilles

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this EP was conceived, written & performed on two consecutive days in the spring of 2011 (April 7 & 8) by E. Adrian Svendson.


released April 9, 2011

Conceived, Performed, & Produced by E. Adrian Svendson.



all rights reserved


Adrian and the Spadilles

"WUT?! Sounds like a combination of the Ramones and the guys who did 'The Monster Mash'."

E. Adrian Svendson // Jeffery Baker // Paul Ellington // Rita Lukea

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Track Name: Framework, pt. 1
the framework's come undone
what have I become
the more obscure I am
the more secure I am
what have I become?

the framework's come undone
what have I become
the secure I am
the more disturbed I am
what have I become?
Track Name: Calling Me
i've been staring at the sea
for a time too long
where do I go form here
how do I avoid the fear

of something unknown & new
something quite foreign & strange
a place where I am not alone
a place away from the wail & moan

of the sirens' tempting call
from up upon the jagged rocks
the death of many men in song
I have avoided for so long

I've been playing in the sand
for far too long
feeling it fill between my toes
feeling it grit my calloused woes

that I feel from my feet
to my troubled head
the truth is so hard to find
with their call in the back of my mind

for hope keeps calling me
with false promises of love & gain
some of it may be true
but I lost faith, when I lost you

I've been staring at the sea
for far too long
I know where I must go from here
Where to go and embrace my fear

follow hope's pleading call
to death & what may come
hope may fail me and die tonight
but, then nothing's ever young